LOTTE - Four Elements Session
Amazon Original

at the beginning of 2023 we made a film with amazon music. it was a long time coming. lotte wanted to put out new versions of four of her songs and perform them together with female artists. the basis was the 4 natural elements, which was a red thread throughout her album.

during the following months, we worked on creating a concept around it and bringing it to life. We wanted to interpret these elements in a cohesive way, and we wanted to make sure the artists were celebrated, the music producers integrated, and that it all became a wholesome piece of work that could be watched as a short film. We wanted to bring in a feeling for the process onto the final result, which is where the BTS element comes in as well.

This is just the trailer- but you can see the full film in vimeo.

Production by STUDIO 11:40

starring LOTTE, LINA, LEEPA, KeKe, Alies Artist
Producers: Novaa, Charlie McClean, Suena, ThatGurlHanna
Artist Management Lotte: Neubau Music, Jasper Niebuhr, Katharina Horn, Thea Sollwedel
Artist Management Lina: Irsinn Mgmt, Mareike Thome
Artist Management Leepa: Lotta Buhl
Artist Management Keke: Elias Oldofredi, Mischa Condé
Artist Management Alies: Jakob Regulski
Producer Management Novaa: Verena Post Producer Management Charlie McClean: Katharina Horn
Producer Management Suena: Niels Eberhardt
Producer Management ThatGurlHanna: Philippe L'Estrange

Director: Alejandra Ruiz-Zorrilla
Executive Producer: Ronja Prinz
DoP: Julian Jonas Schmitt
Production Coordinator: Johanna Fink
Production Assistants: Vera Horstmann, Theresa Braun, Ivy Edmonds
Set Manager: Sidney Lubwa
Production Support: Flo Ried, Mia Beisert
1.AD: Valentina Kaminker
Movement Director: Cristiana Angelescu
Steadicam: Florian Schwarz
1.AC: Belek Wunderlich
2.AC: Victoria Rausch
2.AC: Artem Yemelianov
Gaffer: David Wilhelm Schmitt
Light Design : Jasper Techel
Light Design: Sampo Lüttge
Art Director: Stefanie Grau
Art Department Assistant: Arabella Romen
Art Department Assistant: Aleksandra Patoka
Stylist: Ourania Marmara
Stylist Assistant: Valentina Mike
Make Up Artist: Anne-Marie Wittchen
Hair Artist: Fily Mihan
HUM Assistant: Isabella Schneider
Photographer: Stephanie Braun
Photo Assistant: Coralia Glavas
BTS Videographer: Emily Macrander
Sound Operator: Marina Funck
Stunt Coordinators: Martin Lederer, Oliver Fritsche
Edit: Dominik Braz Bittrich Assistant editor: Mateo Padula
VFX Artist: Korbinian Weber
Additional Vfx: Pablo Betas
Colors: Delfina Mayer Delfina @delfinamayer.color, rep by MAP Berlin @mapberlin
Cover Design: atentamente.duo Catering: Konfetti