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AS FAR AND CLOSE AS HERE is a tribute to togetherness, to adolescence and adulthood of the East and South East Asian Diaspora as it gently touches upon the meanings of identity and home. With our cast consisting of sisters, friends, strangers and lovers, we embrace different perspectives while shedding light onto the process of growth, solitude and the bond of collective experience. We hint at untold yet familiar stories, alienation and belonging, and the struggle and beauty of cultural ambiguity.

In an observational way, we capture mundane and intimate moments, nostalgia and lightheartedness as we think about childhood memories, far away places dear to our hearts, and how the cultural and personal has shaped us along the way.

Often overlooked or stepping into the background, AS FAR AND CLOSE AS HERE softly gives room to secluded generations of the Diaspora in the Western, specifically German context. This is a gentle reminder that we’re here, encouraged to share this journey of puzzling together lost and found pieces of our lives, from far away and close to us, into unique and unexpected versions of ourselves and our stories.

Creative Director - Prissilya Junewin
Film Director - Ale Ruiz-Zorrilla
DOP - Tobias Blickle
Producer - Amelie Rehm
Casting - Hien Le and Prissilya Junewin
Edit - Tobias Kirschner
Colorist - Florian Staerk
Music - Tianping Christoph Xiao
Sound Recordist - Kristina Kilian
Sound Design - Mario Schöning
Hair Stylist - Masayuki Yuasa
Make-Up Artist - Hyangsoon Lee
Stylist - Kira März
1st AD - J Frisch Wang
Photo Assistant - Emi Iguchi
Photo Retoucher - Yunchen Lin
Production Assistant - Elli Crespo
Production Assistant - Sophie Teres
Runner - Tom Chester
Graphics - Plan B
Film Lab - Studio L'equipe
Special thanks to - Iconoclast Germany
Alexis Delanoue, Flora Marriott
Studio 11:40
Lennart Fleschhut
Vanessa Vu, Minh Thu Tran
Rice & Shine
Maria Nguyen
Zhen Li
Kaputt Agency

Starring - Viet, Carl, Neil, Minh, Refity, Anu, Bong, Danyue, Mengyue